Tannerie Arnal our business


The Tannery Arnal is specialised in the manufacturing of bovine leather, vegetable tanned, chrome or mixed for the saddlery market, leather goods, shoes, furnishing and inside leather..

Full workmanship of the industrial process
In order to satisfy our customers’ requirements, we totally control the industrial process from the rawhide to the finished leather in choosing upstream the best raw hides.

The respect of course quality
Strong in our experience and in our job, we are listening to our customers from the craftsman to the manufacturers.

At Tannerie Arnal we are always ready to transmit you our leather culture and quality products.

Tannerie Arnal - Avenue de l'Abbaye - 12000 LE MONASTERE - FRANCE

Tél. : +33 - (0)5 65 67 00 66

Fax : +33 - (0)5 65 67 40 94

The transformation of the raw material " raw leather Skin " into finished leather is made in several stages:

  • Reception of the raw skins
  • Tanning
  • Retanning / Dyeing / nourishment
  • Drying
  • Leather control before shipment